Hats off to you, technology!

So, as I’m sure you know that working full time and having a family makes it hard to go to school at the same time. Well, I’m currently behind a few weeks (like, 5) and need to catch up quickly before I run out of time!

I’m getting to the point, I promise! This week was spring break for our kiddos. We went to Montgomery, AL and Panama City, FL to see family and friends. Each way was about a 10ish hour drive, we broke each into 2 days. I drove from Texas to Montgomery, then down to Panama City. While there, the preacher at the congregation my in-laws go to asked if my wife does all the driving now. I was a little confused and told him no, I do most of the driving. He said when he was in school his wife did the driving so he could read for his classes. Duh! She drove home.

OK, here’s the technology part. I go to an online school that uses Blackboard for assignments and I prefer e-books, so I use the Kindle app on my tablet to read. Well, you need internet for either of those to work! So, I used my phone as a WiFi hotspot, connected my tablet to it and did about 4 weeks of reading for one of my classes in 2 days. I took the quizzes for 3 of those weeks at the hotel we stayed in last night.

I could never imagine having this kind of connectivity when I was a kid! My kids are in the back seat watching DVDs while playing on their own tablets. I got to stare out the window for 8+ hours at a time when I was a kid.

Anyway, that’s my mini weekend take away. Technology.

Any of you have fun stories about technology in school or ministry (or whatever)?

5 thoughts on “Hats off to you, technology!

  1. Bro, I am back in school again as well; have about 4 classes left in grad school. While I am happy to be almost done, it seems at times that the end can’t come quick enough. I have had to learn how to balance school, work and family again because, like you, all of my classes are online. There are times when I am just so tired from work and spending time with the family that I go straight to sleep, not taking care of school. Thankfully any assignments that I have during the week are not due until Thursday at midnight. Just wanted to share like you did. Glad that you all had a chance to go see family. –Jayly


    • What degree are your working on? My assignments are due on Sundays at midnight, but I still find ways to make excuses and be lazy! If all goes well I’ll graduate next spring (2018). Almost there! Then I plan to start into a professional counseling program. Thanks for commenting!


      • Working on my Masters in Criminal Justice. Having worked with Tom Dugan at the prison in FL, I have a great interest in helping those that are incarcerated to see God but to also make themselves a better life after prison. Right now, I am taking a course in Crimnial and Behavioral Profiling. My first assignments are due on Thursday by midnight (EST) and more posts by Sunday. I am sitting up late right now working on a paper. I would not call it lazy; life just gets in the way sometimes.

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  2. Back in the 80’s, we had a set of 3 slide projectors and an audio sync track we used to run a compassion international promo in between sets. It provided high quality images, was really bright, and surprisingly wasn’t a nightmare to keep running during our 80 concert tour. One issue we had was when there was a spec of dirt on a slide, so the lighting guy took the carousel tray apart to clean it, and got a few slides in the wrong order when he put it back together… massive herky jerky mode Lol

    In another case, a church was miswired… well actually over 50% of the churches we played at had serious electrical problems, but this church had some outlets that had to have been wired in a total blackout. The net effect of this was every time the slides would get sequenced, it would make a passing gas sound come out of the main speakers at substantial volume. While kids in the audience would have had a huge laugh at this, we did track the issue down during sound check and mitigated it before show time…. but it was tempting to let it ride!!!

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