Just Show Up!

Just Show Up

If you haven’t noticed, there is a lot happening in our world today. This year (2020) has been a doozie so far, hasn’t it?! Corona Virus has had us shut up in our houses for weeks, a man named George Floyd was murdered by a police officer, rioting and looting have been going on all across the country…

I promise, this blog isn’t trying to depress you or be political. One thing I know for a fact is that YOU have a friend – whether or not they live next door, across town, across the country, or they’re virtual friends on social media – who has been affected in some way by 2020’s disasters. Maybe they or one of their family members has had COVID-19, and maybe they have been hospitalized or their family members have died. Maybe your friend is a person of color and they feel deeply impacted by the incident in Minneapolis and the resulting violent and destructive actions of a few people. Maybe you aren’t affected by these events, but you don’t to look far to find someone who has been.

Now, I’m not asking you to agree with me or with your friends. But I am asking you to have some empathy, compassion, and love toward them. Just show up for them! You don’t need to fix them, or say profound words or make a profound Facebook post. Just let them know you’re there.

Job went through a terrible loss. He lost all of his children and all of his possessions. He was known to be a very, very good man. In Job 2:11-13. his friends hear about his loss and they go to him. They see his suffering and cry for and with him. Then in verse 13, “… they sat with him on the ground seven days and seven nights, and no one spoke a word to him, for they saw that his suffering was very great.” They didn’t say anything! They just sat in silence with Job for a week!

They did eventually open their mouths and talk. That is where they messed up.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” Romans 12:15

Just show up, and shut up.



2 thoughts on “Just Show Up!

  1. Thanks Richie. My family has been affected by COVID; my step father’s mom passed away from it and I have a cousin who has it now. We have also been affected by the George Floyd matter as well as all of the other African Americans who have been treated the way they (and we) have for a very long time. Thank you for saying something. People…Christian people have told us to just get over it. They were better off doing what Job’s friends should have kept doing and that is be silent. Because the words they use are as bad as not saying something when you should but you don’t.

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    • I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ve been doing a lot of personal reflection on how I perceive the world and have been trying to see it from a different perspective. I hope that I have always shown love to you and yours the way I think I have. I hope that makes sense! I love you man, and I pray things get better in our country.

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